Detail Information
Place of Origin:  Bangladesh                                         Brand Name:      Arix
Certification:      CE, ISO, BSTI                                        Model Number:  ADS25  

Dimension:         3×7.5m – 3.6x18m                              Capacity:             40 – 120 ton 

Material:             10mm Carton Steel Truck Scale       Structure:             U/I – beam   

Function:             Weigh Trucks                                      Indicator:             YAOHUA / KELI 

Guaranty:            1 year                                                    Warranty:          5 Years

High Light:          3X18M Digital Electronic Truck Scale, 10mm Carbon Steel Truck Scale,   Truck Scale Weighbridge 100t

Product Description 

A weighbridge scale, also known as a truck scale or a vehicle scale, is a heavy-duty platform scale used to weigh trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles. It’s a crucial piece of equipment in industries like transportation, logistics, agriculture, mining, and waste management where accurate weight measurements are essential for various operations.

Here’s a detailed description of a typical weighbridge scale:

  1. Platform: The weighbridge scale features a large, flat platform typically made of steel or concrete. This platform is sturdy enough to support the weight of heavy vehicles and their cargo. The platform is usually mounted flush with the ground to allow vehicles to easily drive onto it.

  2. Load Cells: Beneath the platform are load cells, which are devices that measure the weight applied to them. These load cells are typically made of stainless steel and are highly accurate, ensuring precise weight measurements.

  3. Support Structure: The platform is supported by a robust structure that distributes the weight of the vehicles evenly across the load cells. This structure is designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions.

  4. Weighing Mechanism: When a vehicle drives onto the platform, its weight compresses the load cells, which generate electrical signals proportional to the applied force. These signals are then transmitted to a digital indicator or a computerized weighing terminal for processing.

  5. Indicators and Displays: The weighbridge scale is equipped with indicators and displays that show the weight readings to the operator. Modern weighbridges often feature digital displays with backlighting for easy reading, even in low-light conditions.

  6. Software Integration: Many weighbridge scales are integrated with software systems for data management, recording, and analysis. This allows for efficient tracking of weight data, generation of reports, and integration with other business systems.

  7. Accessibility Features: To ensure ease of use, weighbridge scales may include features such as ramps for vehicles to drive onto the platform smoothly. Additionally, some models may have safety features like barriers or traffic lights to manage the flow of vehicles and prevent accidents.

  8. Environmental Protection: Since weighbridge scales are often installed outdoors, they are built to withstand exposure to various weather conditions. They may be equipped with protective coatings, corrosion-resistant materials, and drainage systems to prevent damage from moisture and debris.

Overall, a weighbridge scale is a vital tool for businesses that rely on accurate weight measurements to optimize operations, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain efficiency in their supply chains.

The Superiority of our truck scale :

* Can be matched with various indicators
* Digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
* Dynamic, under load and overload, etc state display
* Digital filtering, clear tare automatically
* Subtract tare and clear tare automatically
* Keyboard set/calibration
* Vehicle No., tare storage, subitem accumulation, total accumulation
* Data output/print automatically



Truck Scale systems provide a solution to weigh trucks, trailers or any other type of wheeled vehicle, quickly and accurately.

the width of the truck scale can be 3 meters ,3.2meters ,3.4meters, but 3 meters is the most normal width.

For the length of truck scale ,we have 6, 8 ,10,16,18 ,20 and so on,you know the truck scale length depends on the length of truck or trailer you want to weigh.


How does a weighbridge work?


Five main components must work together for a truck scale to function properly.

1. Foundation: permanent installations use a concrete foundation.

2. Weighbridge, also known as the scale deck: this is the structure that creates the driving surface for the trucks. The weighbridge is typically composed of modular sections that are placed together to span the desired length.

3. Load cells: these are the sensors that measure the weight on the scale. In most modern scales the weighbridge is supported by the load cells themselves.

4. Terminal: sometimes referred to as an indicator, the terminal is the control panel for the scale. It displays the weight value to the operator, and often serves as the connection point for other scale peripherals.

5. Cables: the signal from the load cells must be transmitted to the terminal. In most cases this is done with cables.


Accessories parts (including optional parts):

* 1. Optional in platform size, Max. Cap.
* 2. Optional in other brand’s load cells, indicator.
* 3. Optional RS232 interface
* 4. Optional ramps or rails.
* 5. Optional big screen.
* 6. Optional extra printer
* 7. Optional software
* 8. Optional computer
* 9. Optional double shielded cable

Detailed information:


Truck Scale Technical Specification
Width 3m, 3.2m
Length 6m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,22m
Power supply 110V±10%;220V±10% AC or DC,50 or 60Hz
Accuracy class OIML(III)
Capacity range 120 TON
Safe overload 150%
Material Q235steel
Thickness of plate 8~20mm
Structure 6mm U-shaped beams
Painting Anti rust and anti corrsion
Quality system ISO9001:2020
Certificate CE
Packing details In 20″or 40″ container ,modules of weighbridge platform are fastened by bolts;indicator,load cell and other accessories are packed in cartons.


Standard Steel deck weighing bridge
Portable Steel deck weighing bridge
Concrete weighing bridge
Distinct U-type beam or H Beam steel bridge construction
Modularized, standardized, muitiple;
The height of platform is: 6m~24m
The width of platform is: 3m 3.2m 3.4m
Weighing capacity: 30t 50t 6Ot 80t 100t 120t 150t 200t
Chequered plate steel or Flat plate steel top
No need turn around the scales upside and down
OEM or Customs design is acceptable.
Accuracy Class:OIML III